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Cybersecurity for social impact

Nonprofits, volunteers, employers, foundations


1. Cyber Assessment

Comparative cybersecurity maturity assessments tailored to nonprofits.


2. Cyber Intelligence

Proactive risk identification, alerting and management for nonprofits.


3. Cyber Talent

Matchmaking platform that connects corporate volunteers to nonprofits.

GCSA results example
Our General Cybersecurity Assessment (GCSA), is a comprehensive, self-assessment tool designed to help nonprofits evaluate their own cybersecurity maturity level, while comparing it to industry standards and peers. Read more.
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Cybersecurity skills aren't only valuable, they're life saving

1 billion people depend on nonprofits

Roots of Peace lost USD$ 1.34 million to a CEO fraud attack. This money was directly meant to assist Afghan farmers.

The World Council of Churches faced a Christmas ransomware attack, leading to a complete shutdown of their IT systems.

Data of 500,000 vulnerable people, including those separated from their families due to conflict were exposed after ICRC was hacked.

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Connect to Protect

How it works


Partner with the CyberPeace Institute to attract talent by providing financial support and skilled volunteers.


Have the flexibility to give back to impactful nonprofits using their cybersecurity skills.


Gain access to Cybersecurity experts to assess, monitor and fix their cybersecurity gap.


Lead by example to protect your beneficiaries from cybercriminals and foster sector-wide resilience against cyber threats.