Do you know a nonprofit which does not need cybersecurity?

We don't. Let's work together to protect your grantees

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"The Institute is the real deal, starting to help everyone help defend everyone else."

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"A truly innovative program that aims to connect NGOs with a pool of IT and cyber security experts."

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Secure your grantees. Protect your grants. Maximize your impact.

Impact Board

Your grantees cyber maturity impacts your risk exposure. Track it with your own dashboard.

Your Foundation is already a target for cybercriminals, leading to significant impacts on beneficiaries. Protect your mission to continue helping others.

Secure your foundation

Evaluate the cybersecurity practices of your grantees to understand both their risk exposure and yours. Address identified gaps, enhance their capabilities, and ensure their lasting protection.

Secure your grantees

Secure your Foundation and lead by example, showing other organizations the path to resilience against cyber threats.

Maximize your impact

5'000 CHF

If you already know a grantee needs help

Grantee level

  • Vertical analysis of one grantee
  • Analyst-led report
  • Attack-surface mapping
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Identification of past threats
  • Tailored recommendations
Book a cyber-check now

25'000 CHF

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities

Grantee cohort level

  • Horizontal analysis of a cohort of grantees*
  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Cyber-risk identification
  • Access to cyber volunteers
  • Individual reports per grantee
  • Aggregated cohort report for the Foundation
  • *cohorts can include any number of grantees
Measure exposure to cyber-risks

Start at 50'000 CHF

Create your own cyber program

Foundation level

  • Work with top cyber experts to design a bespoke programme for your Foundation and/or your grantees
  • Awareness training
  • Cyber exercises
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Incident response
  • Advanced threat protection measures
  • AI-cybersecurity strategies
Let's build a bespoke programme

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